Colour Disclaimer


Due to device variation, colours may differ from what is shown on your screen. Reproduction of colours on different devices may not be accurate. We cannot guarantee an exact match between the colour you see online and the colour of the item you receive.

Please note that variations in colours may occur due to slight changes in dye and materials. We cannot be held responsible for these differences.

Although products may share the same colour name, such as “Black,” it does not necessarily mean that the colour “Black” will appear identical across all products and sizes. Variations in dye and the appearance of the material can still occur.

Do not mistake the product's chosen colour as an accurate representation. Different people have different opinions about shades of colour. What may appear 'Turquoise' to one person may be seen as another shade of Turquoise to someone else.

Please be aware that colours may vary across different products. While a Black onesie and a black sweatshirt may both be labeled as Black, they may differ in tone. We cannot guarantee that our colours will match, even if they have the same name.

By completing your purchase and agreeing to our terms and conditions you acknowledge that you have read and understood this.