About Us


Grace & Grayson New And Unique Online Clothing Shop.


It All Began After Having My Daughter Lola in 2016 When I Started Thinking Of New Business Ideas. I Wanted To Be Able To Work From Home Doing Something I’m Passionate About And That I Can Enjoy Doing While Being Able To Cherish The Special Years With Lola. I’ve Always Been Creative And Into Fashion And Design Which Ultimately Lead Me Down The Route Of Designing Personalised Baby & Childrens Clothing. Lola Is Now Three Years Old And Has Just Started Two Mornings A Week At Nursery — So This Has Been Perfect Timing For Us To Kick-Start This Journey Creating Personalised Kids Clothes For Your Little Ones.

Although We’re At The Initial Stage Of Our Journey, We’re Reaching Out Beyond Where We Ever Though Possible At These Early Stages. We’re Taken Back By All The Feedback Not To Mention All Our Amazing Customer Reviews. We’re Full Of Fresh Ideas With New Items Added To Our Website Regularly, From Personalised Baby Vests, T-Shirts, Kids Tracksuits, Teddys, Baby Gifts And Much More. We’re Striving To Be Unique.

We Want to Be Able To Create Memories You Can Cherish Through The Designs Of Grace & Grayson.

With Love Grace & Grayson.